Keating Puppets (2 of 18)

Will uses his wacky sense of humor and unique view of life to connect with children of all ages and teach life lessons.  He hails from the great city of Atlanta, GA and comes from a family of animated story tellers.  He learned how to tell stories listening to his Dad and Grandfather spin tales at the dinner table.  He is the oldest of 19 cousins, just on his Dad’s side of the family, which has provided him opportunity to hone his skills in story telling, teaching, and entertaining children.

Will lovingly makes all of his puppets for each of his projects.  He uses a variety of styles: hand puppets, wide mouth, and ventriloquist puppets.  He takes time to dye fabric, hand sew, and browse Home Depot in order to repurpose items for his projects.  He loves teaching and entertaining children with puppets.  His wife, Allison, and daughter, Charlotte are his biggest fans.

He has entertained hundreds of children at churches, libraries, coffee shops, and birthday parties.  He looks forward to making your event special.  Contact him at willkeating@gmail.com.