Learn. Grow. Repeat.



Learn. Grow. Repeat. is a philosophy.  Children are learning, growing, and repeating this process of growth and development on a daily basis.  As parents, teachers, and leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that children are learning principles that will mold them into strong leaders and productive members of society.

We have FUN.  We TEACH.  We DANCE.  We LAUGH.  We use music, movement, and ventriloquism with unique characters to teach applicable life lessons and develop character.  Music, comedy, and group participation are core elements of this program.

Studies show that music, comedy, imagination, and action are linked to increasing memory.  We use these tools to reinforce important character development and classroom topics.  Developing a strong foundation of character is very important at this young age.  We focus on providing children with the character traits to become successful leaders such as discipline and self-control.


The Importance of Repetition

We believe in the importance of repeition when teaching.  Therefore we schedule weekly visits at partner schools to reinforce character development and social skills.  Children love the lessons and learn from the teaching that builds on the monthly topic each week.

Testimonial Video from Kiddie Academy of Cumming



Susie Tran, Director of Kiddie Academy of Cumming shares why she brings Learn. Grow. Repeat. to her preschool.  She loves that the program reinforces character development and social skills with her students on a weekly basis.  She loves that children have fun with the music and puppets!